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Potret Hati 7(1)
Encik Zainal dan Puan Nurul Iman MENGENDALIKAN KES-KES kemurungan dan hilang personaliti diri di kalangan warga emas memerlukan kesabaran. Tetapi kesabaran sahaja tidak cukup. Perlu ada skill, perlu ada aura, perlu ada sifat suka menolong dan perlu kesungguhan. Perlu menjiwai tanggung jawab itu. Untuk itu Puan Nurul Iman bertekad mengenali kelaian yang bernama Encik Zainal itu dengan lebih terperinci. Puan Nurul Iman menyemak rekod peribadi Encik Zainal. Memang kes berat. Semasa Encik Wahid dulu, Encik Wahid melakukan sepuluh sesi kaunseling. Puan Nurul Iman terus membelek-belek fail peribadi Encik Zainal, halaman demi halaman. Jelas tiada sesi ke sebelas yang dilakukan oleh Encik Wahid terhadap kelaian itu. Fail peribadi Encik Zainal tidak lagi dikeluarkan dari kabinet fail peribadi oleh Encik Wahid sehinggalah Encik Zainal berpindah tempat kerja, simpul Puan Nurul Iman. Apa nak jadi, jadilah, putus Encik Wahid, mungkin. Cik Latifah yang... (more)

Argh Not The Pony
River take them,
river drown them

We had a housewarming yesterday! And I have zero bloody photos of it which sucks so much In the day Nour's friend Mojo came round and we had #sickbantz and I slept for a while, then his sister Daisy who I've met before came and we all got ready and that was fun, and then Sebastian and then Camilla and then Mary and Rebecca, Michael did a barbecue for that amount of people which was really fun, and Nour and Daisy made tinto and me and Mojo played odds and I had to down bare tinto which tastes soooo nice, and got really drunk pretty quickly and then I had to refrain from drinking for the rest of the night but I stayed pretty smashed hahhaa I was a bit off balance for a while and Sebastian was soooo lovely to me I was a bit ridiculous and he held me up and kissed me loads and was worried about me and it was genuinely very very cute and I fell asleep on him for five minutes and he seemed really concerned and he's just the nicest person ever Rachel and Abi went to buy cheese from Roman... (more)

Here I go again on this self defeating phase. I just lost 3k, been drinking everyday, and playing mindless video games on hours on end. Why am I doing this when I'm about to get a promotion? Damn I guess that shit really affected me. I can't stand being home when all these thoughts of you comes flooding in. It is always the same memory of the last night. When you asked me, "why did you never ask me to be your girlfriend?" I sat there and said I don't know. But I did know. Because I'm scared of giving my all again... I'm fucked up I know. The feeling of being completely vulnerable again... worries me. It deters me from what I really want. Plus the last two times I asked that question, I go the most stupidest answers. Its never a fucking no nor a fucking yes. It is time to stop being stubborn... What I'm doing is wrong. I'll take my peers advice of stop being too nice. Don't put them on this pedestal. Treat them like shit sometimes, like whatever they're doing is... (more)

The Common Ills
Dempsey's remarks on combat in Iraq continue to garner attention
Dempsey's remarks on combat in Iraq continue to garner attention Yesterday, Gen Martin Dempsey, Chair of the Joint-Chiefs of Staff, and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee. Dempsey appeared to be chomping at the bit to have US forces in Iraq officially in combat and gave not one scenario under which this could happen but multiple ones. Mark Landler and Jeremy W. Peters (New York Times) note: The general’s statement lays bare the challenge the president will face in selling an expanded military campaign to a war-weary American public. Mr. Obama, seeking to allay fears of another Iraq war, has promised that American ground troops will not be involved in fighting the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL. In a sign of the administration’s mixed message, the president pointedly did not call it a war, while his advisers later did. But the realities of a prolonged campaign,... (more)

Hello World
I have not been here in what seems like forever. I miss blogging. The only writing I get to do now is legal writing. Not stories, not musings about jagged-love, not ramblings over pop culture. Shit. I wasted so much time. I should have not stopped. I miss writing. I miss that part of my life.

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